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Welcome to a community of transformation, hope and being with our grief. 

You are fully supported here for things as they are.




Honoring your grief experience.


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Local and online grief circles 

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Hope Through a Winding Road

Join the circle of grievers. In our full presence, we find what's to be honored, healed, released and kept.


Grief moves with us and through us. 
Moving towards it may be contradictory yet what may allow us to transform.

— Yasemin Yamodo-Isler


How come a bright and colorful welcome design?

It is only a color. At the same time, the energy of color is alive. Whether you already feel some joy in your life after a significant loss, or not, there is the potential of joy returning to you. Even if it may not resonate or feel possible at the moment, there is hope of returning to a place within your heart that supports you. Remembering the vitality that is within you and returning to joy, even for a moment or two, is a genuine wish and a possibility.

May we carry some hope and joy in our hearts,

in the midst of our sorrows.