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As a widow, mother, coach, mindfulness teacher, and a fellow human being, I am honored to walk with you on your path of grief. The program which I have developed is meant for equally expressing our sorrows and hopes, sparking healing and transformation, creating meaning amidst loss and moving through with what will serve you the best.

During my share of significant losses, contemplative and contemporary practices, I have come to realize and experience the power in being present to what is happening in life. My desire and goal are to be present for others who walk the journey of grief, loss, hope and transformation.

I have a Masters Degree in Mindfulness Studies, with deep focus on grief, death and transformation.

What I hold within me is how I intend to sincerely support you. I am here due to a combination of personal experiences of loss, benefiting from the practices that supported me through my experiences of grief, my academic studies, and being with the dying and the bereaved.

My personal experiences with death of loved ones began with the death of my only living grandparent when I was 9, followed by the deaths of two teenager-hood friends due to brutal murder and terminal illness, both at the age of 13. These were also the ages when I began my investigations in meditation and yoga. My mother died when I was twenty-seven, my father died five years later, both due to terminal illness.

I found healing through cultivating meditative mind states, Hatha yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and martial arts (I earned second degree black belt in Uechi-Ryu karate). After losing a few more friends to untimely accidents and terminal illnesses, I believed that I had become all too familiar with the impermanent nature of life, accepting the continuous cycle of birth and death. To an extent, this was true.

In 2014, my vibrant husband became suddenly ill of an incurable and rare illness and died within six weeks. I spent six weeks with him in two major hospitals in two major cities, while our five-year-old son was being cared for by family most of the time.

Experiencing the grief of losing a life partner, while raising a very young grieving child, initially proved to be the hardest endeavor of my life. My saving grace, first and foremost, was our son. My second saving grace was a combination of my practices that I had cultivated for many years. These practices took a life of their own. They both helped ground me and also whisked me on a life transformation as I became fully present to my grief and also adjusted to a changed life, which some people may call a 'life turned upside down very quickly'.

These practices carried me with kindness and awareness during my grief and to a fuller life journey. Enough so that I returned back to school, getting a graduate degree in Mindfulness Studies, making significant career transitions to come to a place which feels truer to my heart and life purpose than it has ever felt before.

I am honored to walk with you on your path of grief, transformation and this new life that is laid in front you. 

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With loving kindness,