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Grief Circles™

Yasemin Yamodo-Isler 2014

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I have developed this program for supporting and transforming grief. It has come to fruition out of love for myself, my son, all our loved ones who died, and all those who have been or are going to walk the path of grief. The program is based on my 30 years of personal practice, continuous learning from the masters, theory, science, practice and even the academics of bringing contemplative and contemporary wisdom to our healing and transformation.

I am honored to walk the path of grief and transformation alongside you.

Whether you have the opportunities to share the depths of your loss and grief in the company of others, or not, this forum offers the undivided attention to be fully present to grief, as part of the normal human condition. In this program learn and practice strategies for holding, being present to, and moving through, your grief. We will participate in a healing circle that introduces mindfulness and compassion based techniques. The practices you will learn may be supportive during times of both coping with grief and adjusting to the new life situations. The guided sessions are specifically designed for those who are grieving. They are held with sensitivity to the needs of the bereaved. Program content is created with the foundations of bereavement research, wisdom of contemplative traditions and personal experiences in mind. Let’s honor ourselves, our loved ones, our grief, death and life. 

-YaYa (Yasemin Yamodo-Isler)