Grief Coaching

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Grief Circles™ & Grief Coaching

Yasemin Yamodo-Isler 2014

Considering grief coaching

First and foremost, I am here to support you, to help find a balance of two equally important things. These are being present for your grief and dealing with the new life that is now available for you.

This equilibrium will most likely fluctuate as you move through your grief. Different milestones such as significant events and dates will shift the gears. Sometimes for a brief time, sometimes for a long stretch, and sometimes permanently. Grief is already transformative and you are already on your path of transformation, with or without me.

Whenever you require

-       a sounding board,

-       a guiding light,

-       tangible practices, tools, pointers and strategies,

-       thinking out of the box

always coupled with kindness and compassion, you can bring me in.

If you are intrigued or have specific questions, please drop me a line, and we can have a one-time session to see how it may be helpful.

Please be advised that you may still require therapeutic or clinical support to help you with processing your grief. Coaching does not replace therapy. They may work very well in parallel. Please use your judgment or seek professional help to determine the right option(s) for you.

If you determine that you may benefit from grief coaching, or life coaching for specific areas of your life, I am honored to work with you.

Yasemin Yamodo-Isler